Fortune Cookies

The other night, we went out for Chinese food, on our way home from a doctor’s appointment.  Grabbing dinner before heading home has become a bit of a tradition after Jesse’s doctor appointments, since we seem to always manage to get appointment times that thrust us into the middle of rush hour on public transit on our way home.  Instead of dealing with the crush of people, we delay heading home, get a treat, and it’s a really pleasant thing to do.

Well, the other night, at the Chinese restaurant, we, of course, got fortune cookies at the end of the meal.  I was the first to open mine:

A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner!

Ok, that was appropriate.  Things have been a little rough around the edges at times with me working full time and James applying for jobs full time, and taking care of Jesse full time.  Next, James opened his:

It isn’t our position, but our disposition, that makes us happy.

Another surprisingly appropriate fortune, for someone job hunting (especially given his usual cheerful, calm disposition!).  Then, of course, the question was, what to do with the third fortune cookie (this was the first time Jesse had been brought one).  We decided, that since I’m still nursing him regularly, the best way for Jesse to enjoy the cookie would be for me to eat it, and then it would eventually turn into milk, so I cracked open the cookie and found the following, perfect baby fortune (even if it isn’t really a fortune — neither are the other two!):

The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut that held its ground.

This just seemed like such a sweet sentiment, especially for a baby who is on the smaller end of the spectrum — a reminder that it’ll all work out if we keep trying and holding our ground.


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