Here are my favorite local and online breastfeeding resources.  Send me your favorite resource at mamasandmilk @ .

Local (Greater Boston Area)

Nursing Mother’s Council.  NMC is a wonderful, free resource for nursing mothers.  Telephone support is available from trained, volunteer breastfeeding counselors.  In addition, there are several monthly gatherings throughout Massachusetts, run by NMC counselors, if you are looking for in-person support.

Jewish Families & Children’s Services.  JF&CS runs a whole bunch of free support groups for new mothers.  Weekly facilitated support groups are an excellent resource for all sorts of new mom questions (including breastfeeding) and a good way to make new mom friends.  They also run a breastfeeding support group which is facilitated by an IBCLC, across the street from Cambridge Hospital, twice a week. Don’t let the name fool you — these aren’t religious at all, and these groups are a tremendous resource for everyone, Jewish and not!

MAMAH Postpartum Support Group.  The Midwives at Mt. Auburn Hospital (MAMAH) run a support group for new moms and dads which is open to all, no matter where or how your baby was delivered.  There is often a lactation consultant, and there is always a midwife in attendance.  Sometimes they have guest speakers about postpartum issues.

Isis Parenting.  It’s a store, but they also have a free drop-in breastfeeding support group, staffed by an IBCLC.

Boston Babywearers.  Learning to nurse in a carrier (and learning about all sorts of different carriers, in general) has definitely made my life a lot easier.  BBW has monthly meetings around the Boston area.

Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition.  A local breastfeeding advocacy organization.  Check out their resources for parents.


La Leche League
The Leaky B@@B

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